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Maggie Williams

Hello! I’m Maggie Williams and I am a senior music therapy major at Texas Woman’s University! I am an applied psychology minor as well and I work at an after-school program. I will be graduating this semester!

I will be experiencing some big changes in my life and I am not a person that typically enjoys change. In three months, I will walk at graduation and shortly thereafter, I will begin a six month long music therapy internship at a Pediatric Hospital in my area. I will officially finish my degree in December!

While I have some comfort in knowing what the rest of this year is going to look like, I am also anxious about how so many aspects of my life are going to change. I will be moving, working full-time, and not taking college courses for the first time in four years! I will leave a job where I built relationships with my coworkers and my kids over the years. I will lose part of my identity as a college student and (hopefully) enter the workforce. While I do intend to go back to school at some point, I am scared to lose the familiarity of walking to classes, taking notes, and completing assignments.

Looking back on my four years of undergrad, I have seen where changes I have made in my life were extremely necessary and paid off in the end. Over these four years, I have attended two universities and one community college, worked eight different jobs, had three voice teachers, been a part of three ensembles, and had leadership positions in two organizations. I have drifted from people that were once very close to me and I have developed meaningful relationships with new people. Change can be good. It can be necessary for progress.

My only advice to myself, and to the people that are experiencing very similar changes, is that you can only control what you can control. This may seem obvious, because it is, but it has been hard for me to grasp at times. I know I have control over how prepared I am, but I am also aware that sometimes I will have no idea what to do in my particular setting. The unknown can be intimidating, but it allows us to learn. I have become quite accustomed to college and how it works.

What is ahead will undoubtedly have a learning curve and I will be unprepared for it at times, but I am excited for the new challenges ahead of me! I am sure there will be many!

Maggie Williams

Thank you!

Maggie Williams

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