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Music Till Proven Therapy host, Dannielle Caldwell, has been a music therapist since August 2021, now working as a pediatric music therapist at a children's hospital in Jacksonville, FL, working in behavioral health and hematology and oncology. Dannielle is newly married to her high school sweetheart, Tyler, and dog mom to her baby Joy. Dannielle is the creator of the social media platform, Music Therapy Education Now, a social media dedicated to educating and advocating for the field of music therapy. Dannielle is passionate about music therapy, mental health, her family and friends, New Girl, Taylor Swift, and leading an authentic and joyful life. The MT PT Pod is her way of connecting with other MT's to openly share her experiences in music therapy as it is not an easy field, and deserves to be talked about. Dannielle hopes you enjoy what you hear and when she says she's here for YOU, she means it.

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Music Till Proven Therapy co-host, Morgan Maxwell, began her music therapy career in February of 2020! Her clinical experience started in a school for children with autism, and presently, she works as a medical music therapist at a children’s hospital in Jacksonville, FL in the intensive care unit and step-down units. Morgan’s passion in music therapy is founded in helping individuals feel seen and known. Morgan wants to know all the things she can, and so, she is in the process of obtaining for her master’s degree in music therapy at Duquesne University. Some of her top interests include grief, mental health, neurodiversity, program development and plants. Morgan loves all things outside, from the beach to the mountains, you can find her biking or hiking her way around the country.


MTPT Pod is her way of processing and connecting with what it is like to survive and THRIVE in this field. She believes in your ability to flourish as a music therapist. Together, she trusts we can all make it through!


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