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Digital Media Management for Music Therapy

Dannielle Caldwell, MT-BC
Music Therapist + Content Creator + Advocate

Are you looking to elevate your music therapy business and social media? Do you need a more consistent social media presence but don't have the time to create the content and engage your followers? Then I may be the right person for you. Over the last 4 years, I have honed my craft as a music therapy content creator through @musictherapyednow and @mtptpod, advocating for and educating in the field of music therapy through social media. I would absolutely LOVE to help you and your business through creating and managing content for your social media, websites and more. Music therapy changes lives - let digital media impact your impact.


Instagram & Facebook

Tik Tok




Services are customizable to meet the needs of each individual. Basic services are listed below.


Editing of audio, photo and video content.


Management of each aspect of your account including content calendars, posting, stories, management of comments, messaging and more.

Content Creation

Creation of content including graphics, videos, captions and more.

Why Me?

Music therapists know that music therapy gets misrepresented in the media. As a music therapist myself, you can entrust your business and social media to me as I will ensure your information is accurately represented while your aesthetic vision is met. I have catered content to the music therapy community over the last several years and I am confident that I will cater your content to grow your media reach, your clientele, your accessibility and your aesthetic.

My Experience


I created Music Therapy Ed Now in 2020 to create easily accessible and easily shareable content about music therapy. I was tired of the long winded descriptions that yielded little results when it came to telling people what I was doing with my life. MT Ed Now was a way to disseminate information without contributing to my burnout. Today, MT Ed Now has 4,000+ followers and a team of 10 students producing creative graphics and educating on the field of music therapy. I contribute its success to the need for aesthetic, accessible graphics about music therapy and a formula that is still being used to this day to cultivate more followers. It has been an honor watching MT Ed Now thrive and leading students each year in their advocacy and education growth. 


The Music Till Proven Therapy podcast was born out of meeting an unmet need. Being a new professional is difficult, and there was little talk around navigating transitions in the field of music therapy. As a co-host of this podcast, I discuss my experience as a new professional working in pediatrics navigating the music therapy and young adult world. With 400+ followers and 4,000+ listeners, I have gained experience in audio and video editing, audio tech and social media. 


I am a music therapist working in pediatric hematology/oncology and behavioral health. My clinical work has taught me more than words could describe as I learn more about and witness the effectiveness of music therapy each and every day. My clinical work has made me a better advocate as I have more experience and passion to speak from. Additionally, I have enhanced my skills in video and audio editing as I have created content for my hospital's social media pages, edited the music therapy website page, and record patient creations in our recording studio. 


  • Graphic Content Creator

  • Website Creation and Management

  • Audio & Video Editing

  • TikTok/Reels Creation & Editing

  • Leadership + Time Management


My Work

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